Sub-Way Industrial Services & Logistic Support Co., Ltd supply the following services, with business partner with Intelligence Power Co., Ltd

  1. CCTV,
  2. MATV,
  3. A System for Conference & Meeting,
  4. Fire Alarm System
  5. Digital Door Lock System
  6. Finger Print System for following purposes;

Crime prevention, Industrial processes, Traffic monitoring, Transport safety, Sporting events, Monitoring employees, Use in schools, Retail Shops and many more places like government buildings, hospitals, banks and with regard to traffic, crowds, airports etc,.

The camera is the main component of a security surveillance system. The security cameras are manufactured to work day and night continuously.

Our team is well trained for Surveying, Installation, After Sales Services and trouble-shooting etc.

Training Course

We train for user Data Protection Awareness Training Course

CCTV / Data Protection Training Delivered Onsite

This course runs for two and a half hours and is delivered at the Client’s offices, on site or other Client-convenient location. It has been developed for organizations that need to develop their staff awareness but for whom it would be inconvenient to take personnel off-site for a full day.

After Sales Services

We serve after sales service as 24/7 for all devices which we have installed for your safety

CCTV Cameras

Finger Print System

Fire Alarm System

PA System